Should You Switch to Elementor’s Hello Theme? | Everything You Need to Know

The first step towards creating an effective website is ensuring that you have the right themes to guide you through each step. The good news is with WordPress; you do not need to be an expert to come up with a professional website. With lots of plugins and themes available for use, you can simply select the best based on your needs.

One of the most hyped website themes out there is the Elementor’s hello theme which has been designed to be used with Elementor Pro. Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress, powering over 2.5 million WordPress sites in the world. Due to WordPress’ nature, even the most experienced site builders require a theme to guide them and make the pages more navigable and attractive. For this reason, there are hundreds of WordPress themes for you to choose from, and the best part is that most of them are compatible with Elementor.

There is a new challenger now which has come in and is trying to take the position of the best WordPress theme.
Hello theme has come as Elementor’s first theme, and since they understand Elementor better than anyone, they can make the most out of it. They have come up with a theme that allows you to build a beautiful website without getting into your design’s way. A lot of users have termed it as the best theme for Elementor, but is it? Let’s find out more.

switching to the hello theme

What is Elementor’s hello theme?

This can be termed as a lightweight and minimal WordPress theme. The primary purpose was to create a fast working theme and one that can work with Elementor as well as possible. When working with Elementor on Hello theme, you can sorely focus on designing the pages, and you no longer have to worry about the theme getting in the way of your design and ideas. Being lightweight, it means that it does not have many features and does not have a lot of codes, and this makes it fast. In fact, it might be the perfect theme for Elementor.

What should you know about Elementor’s Hello theme before switching to it?

This theme is super clean and straightforward compared to other WordPress themes. With its simplicity, it does not provide many styling options, but you do not have to worry about that. You can use the theme to design every aspect of your WordPress site and make the best out of it. In fact, without elementor involved in your designing, you will only be able to style the site pages with custom CSS.

Traditionally, WordPress has sidebars, but Hello theme doesn’t come with those. In this case, if your web design and layout depends on sidebars, then this might not be the theme for you. However, if you wish, you can install a plugin that allows you to create sidebars if you must. You can access sidebar widget which lets you place sidebars in as many pages as you wish.

Although Elementor’s Hello theme works okay with the free version, it is more of a theme for the Elementor Pro and therefore, if you want it to work best with you, it is recommendable that you go for the paid version. For example, the free version may not allow you to style the header unless you follow the custom coding way. If you are only looking to create a simple website that does not require the headers, you can simply do with the free version.

How fast is the hello theme compared to other themes like Astra, Ocean WP, and Divi?

You can actually tell how fast this theme is even without testing it. It is simple, clean, and entails minimum features which make it faster than most WordPress themes. A lot of users have tried to compare Hello theme against Astra, Ocean WP, and Divi, and the results are incredibly amazing. The hello theme has the least load time compared to other themes, and it is, therefore, the most favorable when dealing with large size pages. Elementor’s hello theme is the fastest theme, and it is great for professional websites. 

Benefits of hello theme

There are lots of pros that you can get from selecting this theme over others which include;

It is excellent for Elementor – Hello theme works perfectly and provides consistent compatibility with Elementor. This is the reason why most of the tests are done using this theme on the release of a new Elementor version. The theme is well updated, and the speed is top-notch.

It is an excellent theme for landing pages – if you are looking to build fast loading landing pages, then this is the best theme for you. Landing pages are susceptible, and each page counts. You need a theme that will load fast, and that is precisely what you get from Elementor’s Hello theme.

Low risk – with Hello theme, you get the least possible problems. It entails the least risks and compatibility problems when working with the theme and Elementor, and you will have the least issues between the theme and plugins. It involves minimal and optimized code, thus fewer complications — also, there or no color inconsistencies and unexpected CSS spacing. 

Quick performance – the theme is lightweight, and this, in return, enhances its performance and speed. It can be listed as the lightest among most WordPress themes, and a fast performing site means better SEO results.

The theme is free – You can choose the free version depending on the kind of site you wish to create. This way, you do not have to entirely focus on coming up a beautiful and professional site without more worries.

What are some of its limitations?

From this information, we can all agree that Elementor’s Hello is a great theme. It, however, has some limitations that could be improved for it to be termed as perfect. Some of the aspects that need improvement include; 

The styling options – Mostly, standalone themes come with some basic styling such as font size and color and the line height for texts and headings. This is something that lacks in the Hello theme, and although you can fix such aspects through custom coding, it will be a lot of work for you.

Page title removal – When designing your site, you do not need to include visible titles on all pages. This is mostly if they need coding to style. It is therefore nice if the theme you are using has an option that allows you to remove the title from particular pages. With Hello theme from elementor, you can only hide it, and this makes it hard when trying to optimize your site for SEO. It would be better if it had the title removal option.

How do you download and install Hello theme

Downloading and installing this theme is super easy. Head to the WordPress dashboard and click on add new theme. In the search box, enter Hello theme, and it will appear on the search results. Press install. If you want to get the pro version, all you need to do is to pay for the theme, and you will get a confirmation email with a link to download. Download the theme and install it, and there, it is ready for application in your next website development.

How to remove the Hello theme if it did not work for you

The theme comes with lots of positive inputs, and a lot of individuals find it competent and reliable for web design. However, what works for someone else might not work for you, and Hello theme is probably not what you are looking for. You may install it only to find out that you cannot use it to design the kind of website that you are looking to create. Good news is that you can uninstall it and install a different theme. It is easy, and all you need to do is open your WordPress dashboard and go to appearance themes. Note that you cannot remove a theme while it is still active and you, therefore, need to activate the default theme.

Click on deactivate and when its details show up, click delete. Your Hello theme is now completely removed.

Why I believe the Hello theme is a great option

The strength of Hello theme is its simplicity. Made mostly of essential code, it faster than other themes and it is almost empty of scripts and additional styling. This makes it the best starter theme. It is the best for developing friendly code, and therefore, if you want to customize your Hello theme, you can access a range of hooks in the theme to help you do so.

The many pros and outstanding features that come with this theme make it outperform other themes, and I think it is the best choice for developers and designers who want to improve their workflow. It is the perfect solution for building landing pages due to speed. Fast loading pages improves SEO and enhances conversions. I can recommend Elementor’s Hello theme to any beginner who is looking to develop or design a site for the first time and those whose goal is to build a fast responding site and a theme that is consistently compatible with Elementor.

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