5 Reasons Why You Need an SEO Campaign for Your WordPress Website

Digital marketing is a big and complex field that encompasses numerous tactics, psychological tricks and methods, as well as various technologies. As you might have guessed, SEO is one of the most crucial tactics that, in fact, encompasses all of that and more. Now, you might be aware that you need some sort of SEO campaign in your digital marketing strategy, but do you truly understand how it can impact your growth and affect your long-term success? Search engine optimization is the best way to ensure visibility on Google and other search engines, and it’s one of the best ways to build brand authority and trust in the oversaturated online world.

By committing to SEO’s best practices and integrating some powerful SEO plugins into your WP site, you can skyrocket your SERP ranking and generate better marketing results than ever before. But hey, let’s not get swayed by vague tales and promises of success, instead, let’s delve deep into the concrete reasons why you absolutely need an SEO campaign for your WordPress website

Drive organic traffic to your site

Organic search is probably the biggest source of web traffic for the majority of online businesses, as well as brick-and-mortar companies that have a digital presence. Given the fact that organic search is on a never-ending rise, it’s important for brands to focus on SEO in order to improve their sites’ ranking in the relevant search results, and thus drive organic traffic to their landing pages. Sure, you can also drive traffic with targeted ads, and you should include PPC into your digital marketing approach, but you have to remember that SEO is not only cheaper but also serves as a long-term strategy.

The higher you rank in the relevant search results, the higher the chances that people will click on your link instead of your competitors’ links, which allows you to reel them in with captivating content and guide them further down the conversion pipeline. Without organic traffic, on the other hand, your WP site will become less relevant, and Google will push it further down the SERPs, making you lose visibility, authority, and worst of all, trust. 

Build trust and credibility for your brand

SEO is not just about making your site and your brand more visible in the competitive online world – it’s also about building trust, brand authority, and creating a loyal community of customers. You see, ranking high in the search results tells the online audience that Google trusts you, and that it believes you have something truly valuable to offer. And when Google trusts a brand, people follow suit. 

If you want to gain customer trust, you not only have to optimize and design your WP store perfectly, but you also need to rank near the top of the first search results page at the very least. This shows the online audience that you’re a credible brand, and you can expect to gain authority the further you rise up the SERP ladder.

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Dominate the local market

One of the most important and impactful benefits of SEO that not many business leaders realize is that you can use an SEO campaign to completely dominate your local market. While everyone else is focusing on ranking their websites as high as they can in general search, you have the opportunity to leverage local SEO to drive as much local traffic to your site and physical store as possible. This is a powerful tactic that works wonders in, particularly competitive markets, like Hong Kong for example.

In fact, HK is a perfect example of how business leaders are making their brands stand out by relying on a local SEO agency in Hong Kong that knows the market and the consumer and can optimize all on-page and off-page aspects of their online presence accordingly. When you’re working with SEO experts, make sure that they know how to optimize your digital presence for local search, and you’ll have no problem snagging the local market for yourself.

Elevate user experience across the board

Many people don’t realize this, but SEO is a big element of user experience. Now that Google and other search engines have found ways to measure user experience and integrate it as a ranking factor, it’s more important than ever before to focus on UX on your WordPress site by leveraging good SEO practices.

Incorporating the right keywords, creating deeply-rewarding and informative content, minimizing customer effort, tidying up your technical SEO, all of this leads to better UX over time and helps you rank higher while elevating brand trust and value. While you’re at it, be sure to fix those common WordPress errors regularly in order to minimize the negative impact on your ranking. 

Improve and expedite the buying cycle

Finally, always remember that SEO is a crucial element of the overall buying cycle and that it plays a vital role in your conversion strategy. When you optimize your content for the exact intent with which the user is searching the web, you will invariably improve your standing in the SERP and help guide the potential customer through the sales funnel. Make sure to optimize your content and landing pages for informational, navigational, and transactional intent so that every visitor lands on the page that delivers on their expectations.  

Wrapping up

In the world of digital marketing, SEO is definitely a powerful tool that can take your WP site and your company forward. Now that you know just how important SEO is, be sure to invest heavily in this marketing tactic to generate better results over the long term. 

About the author: Jolene RutherfordJolene Rutherford is a marketing specialist – turned blogger, currently writing for technivorz.com. Interested in digital marketing and new technology trends. Love sharing content that can help and inform people.