9 Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Hosting

Picking the best WordPress hosting provider for your site can be daunting, especially if you’re new and have no idea which particular kind of hosting will fit your needs. 

But failing to know can lead to costly mistakes in the long run. You might lose out a lot of funds in various website features that you hardly need. Worse, you might end up losing your site visitors because of a lack of web features and uptime. 

That’s why, in this post, we’ve listed the eight factors that you must consider in picking the right WordPress hosting.

Type of Web Hosting

First and foremost, you must know the kind of web hosting that you need. That will make it easier to figure out what you need for your WordPress site. 

Are you looking forward to getting a dedicated hosting provider or a shared hosting plan? Or perhaps, a VPS? All of this depends on the traffic your site is generating, and whether you need more resources or not. 

So, you need to do your research and know the pros and cons of various web hosts. Then, decide which are the ones that best fit your needs.


Before signing up with a web hosting provider, you have to consider the price. But the price shouldn’t be just your main focus, either. 

Consider your hosting as in investment, so you have to pick a service that gives you the right features and the quality of service that you need. This is where online reading reviews could come in handy.

For instance, you are considering an affordable web host like Hostinger. They promise affordable hosting prices without compromising quality. But is that what a Hostinger review your read online says?

Costs of web hosting are not as straightforward as it may appear, either. Some companies offer multiple plans for various prices.

When comparing these prices, you need to ensure that you’re comparing plans that are equivalent to each other. True, one plan may be relatively cheaper than the other, but it might not have the same features. 

See to it that you’re not sacrificing all the important features just for you to save a couple of bucks. 

Speed and Performance

Google is now taking mobile page speed seriously, and making it a major consideration in ranking websites. That’s why having a fast loading site is vital. 

Ideally, you should go with web hosting providers that give you a fast and reliable loading speed, ensuring that your site loads fast and without a glitch. 

Not only does this boost the overall user experience, but it can help improve your search engine rankings too. 

Other essential things that you also need to check for are the disk space, memory (RAM), and overall processing power, as all of these help with your site’s overall performance. 

Uptime Guarantee

Take it from Amazon: When their server went down for approximately thirty minutes back in 2013, it leads them to a loss of revenue to $66,240 per minute

Although your site and the traffic you generate might not be as big as Amazon, still, it’s safe to say that always keeping your site online is important. So, when looking for a web hosting provider, see first how stable it is. 

Now, there are so many monitoring out there in the market that will let you track a web host. However, in general, what you need to do is look at their uptime scores, because that will let you know whether a web host is stable or not. 

The industry standard today for uptime scores is 99.95%, and you should avoid anything that’s below that. Also, take note that more premium plans offer you better uptimes at about 99.99%. 


The security of your site should be your top priority. That’s why you need to consider the type of security a web hosting provider gives as well. 

It’s fairly common for a lot of websites to be hacked these days. You’d find out that there a lot of cases of data breach that’s happening from all over the world. 

So it’s going to give you a lot of headaches if you don’t pick a hosting provider that gives you pretty good site security. 

That’s why the security that’s being offered by your WordPress hosting solution should be capable enough to overcome whatever challenges when it comes to site security.

Control Panel

Even if you’re not so much on the technical side, you have to perform essential tasks like setting up FTP accounts and emails without having to contact your technical support. 

Look for a company that utilizes Plesk or cPanel so that making upgrades and modifications are a lot easier. Otherwise, it’ll be quite daunting to manage. 

You need to be able to figure these things out on your own, or it won’t be a great option for you. 

Technical Support

Once you run your site, you might encounter a lot of issues. Having excellent customer support will guide you and get you through the bumps along the way. 

Companies that offer excellent customer support will be there when you need them 24/7.

Upgrade Options

As your site grows over time, you might need to move to a VPS hosting or a dedicated hosting provider. 

Look for upgrade options when choosing a WordPress web hosting provider, ensuring that they could accommodate your site’s growth in the long run. 

Available Features

The space of your hard disk, the bandwidth limit, and multiple domains allowed are just a few of the essential features that you need to look for when you sign up with a web hosting provider. 

Your site’s storage space is hard disk space. These days, a lot of shared hosting provides you with unlimited hard disk space. Meaning, you’ll get a high space as opposed to what a simple website will provide you with. 

So, if you have an e-commerce site or a forum, then you might need a lot of space. You might need ample back-up space if you’re planning to scaler bigger in the long run.

Choosing the right WordPress web hosting provider is one of the first steps that you need to take in achieving success online. So make sure that you take note of these factors before ultimately coming up with a decision.