​​How to increase traffic to your website in 2019

There are plenty of free platforms to help you increase traffic to your website. But how do you know which to choose? Start with Google My Business. Creating a free listing helps your site show up when users search your business type. Google Search Console helps you monitor and optimize your site’s presence in Google Search results making it easier for users to find you. To establish your expertise, try Quora, a knowledge-sharing site where you can answer questions from users related to your business.

Finally, consider your target audience to decide if the social media are right for you. Twitter can help you interact with fans while Instagram and Pinterest are about visual appeal, so they’re perfect for sharing original photography or illustrations. If you have videos on your site, YouTube or Vimeo will allow you to reach a large audience. With a little daily promotion through sites like these you’ll help drive traffic at no extra cost to you.

Tips for keeping users on your site

So your site is getting some traffic. But how do you keep visitors coming back for more? The best way to turn them into repeat customers is through engaging content. First, consider starting a blog. Blog posts keep your site’s content fresh while also demonstrating your expertise. If you blog, set a goal to consistently publish new and varied content. Regular updates will not only keep frequent visitors engaged but gain new ones by boosting your visibility on search engines.

Next, add social sharing buttons to your sites so your content can reach a bigger audience. Also, WordPress allows you to display related content with each post. So a user reading “Birthday Cakes 101” would also see your post on Birthday Party Planning. Blogging will also help you increase traffic to your website over time. Finally, consider starting a simple email list that users can subscribe to and send them links to your newest posts or other content they may enjoy to encourage them to visit.

How to increase traffic to your website in 2019
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​​Build an effective contact page for your website

Website traffic is nice… but it’s even better when visitors communicate with you. A Contact Page encourages two-way conversation with your audience. You’re probably not open 24/7, but your Contact Form is. So, you can receive feedback or questions any time. Before adding a form, consider what your Contact Page needs to accomplish. It can generate leads, allow potential customers to request a quote for your services, or provide them an easy way to schedule appointments.

If you run a blog, the form gives readers a way to ask questions or suggest ideas for future posts. Next, create the form to support your unique voice and the type of information you need. It’s common to create a form on a separate page or if you have a special promotion offer running, you can add a contact form to your promotions page as well. Having good communication will keep readers coming back and help you increase traffic to your website

Keep your blog content going to increase traffic

Writing for your site’s blog sounds easy enough until you realize it’s been week since your last post and you’re fresh out of ideas you’re not alone many businesses have a hard time posting regularly so here are a few tips to help set your own pace while posting five times a week might draw more traffic it won’t help if you can’t sustain that pace.

Find a rhythm that fits your schedule and stick to it pay attention to performance WordPress comms built-in stats and Google Analytics we’ll review what viewers are reading what they aren’t and how long they spend on your site adjust the content of your post accordingly to keep them engaged so if they’re watching your videos post more of those plan ahead with a little foresight you can write several posts in one afternoon then schedule them to post automatically allowing you to focus on your business manage your blog on the go many site builders have mobile apps allowing them to write post and respond to comments on the go.

Put one or all of these tips into practice and you should see your website traffic grow over time. Remember slow and steady wins the race, ranking on Google is all about consistency.