15 SEO Tips You Can Use to Increase Traffic

To increase your organic traffic, imagine it doesn’t have to cost you a thing. However, you need time to work out SEO tactics to succeed. But if time is not on your side, there are affordable SEO services you can hire. These guys understand how constant SEO can change, all the tricks to pull out, and many more techniques needed. If you think you can follow some few tips and do it yourself, here we have 15 of those that will guide you to get thriving traffic:

1.Blog blog blog!

The more you blog, the higher chances you get to increase your site traffic. It makes you better in writing useful content that readers are looking for. Find out what kind of questions they are asking; this allows you to provide them with what they want. It also inspires you to add new posts to your site.

2.Internal links


By now, you must be aware that internal links are active once you send them to other blogs and add them to your website. They guide the users to more relevant articles that might be useful to them on your site. You can also link to your other related posts written on a particular subject.

3.Power of social media

Once you establish your work on several social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, you build your brand to a broader universe. In the US alone, adults spend 12hours per day on social media. According to expert’s predictions, there will be over 3 billion users of social media by 2021.

4.Optimize On-page

Make this a priority in SEO to increase your organic traffic. It is an evolving tech that requires a constant update. If you lack knowledge of updating the on-page, use affordable SEO service because they are experts in their work. They will bring their skills and probably leave you with useful tips. Their end service will leave your site with high authority that will attract users and build traffic.

5. Accept guest blogs

Those who have the same niche as you can share their work then link to their article. It is two-way traffic. Ensure what’s coming is high-quality and non-spammy to attract more users to your site. They generate more referral traffic and increased brand awareness. 

6.Create an appealing clickable headline


First, you need to experiment with several headlines as you sugar-coat them as much as possible. However, it should be relevant to your content. You don’t want people to click your article and frown at your details because they feel cheated. It is crucial to add high-quality content that goes with the topic. On the other side, if you have a weak headline with great content, people will never find it anyway. Have a proper balancing and strategize before you start writing.

7.Optimize your page speed to attract visitors

Have you experienced a slow loading page where you curse and talk to the system before opening? Instead of breaking the system, I am sure the best thing you did was to switch to a different site. Nobody wants to wait permanently for a page to open. So, if you don’t optimize your page speed, people will run, and you will get a high bounce rate. You can as well use affordable SEO services to diagnose your site.

8.Respond fast to your followers

Engaging users in an open conversation is one effective way of increasing organic traffic. However, if you don’t respond quickly to their queries, it can be a put-off. Be a professional and promptly answer questions. People don’t like to feel ignored.

9. Use analytic tools to check your site

Examining your site helps you to find if there is any problem so you can fix it immediately. Several tools are available to aid in this process. A great source is Google Analytics, which tells the accessible pages that visitors are checking. It also shows the user’s behavior while on your site. This information will guide you to amend some elements so you can satisfy and retain your visitors.

10. Check on your competitors

Target on your well-performing competitors to find out what makes them tick. What do people love about them? Why and how do they have good traffic? Use software tools such as BuzzSumo to check all this information and take action.

11.Strategize on Keyword and SEO


If this is done right, expect massive traffic on your page. Search engine optimization helps by fetching traffic in Google, where users get the information they need. Apply the keywords on your headings, subheading, and your context moderately. They should influence your story outline and conceptualize it.

12. Find your audience hangout.

When you are sick, you visit the physician. So, before you fetch traffic, first find out where the crowd is. The most obvious place is social media, but check which one has your target group. It will also depend on your niche. Watch out not to burn out while hopping from every social media.

13. Tap on video marketing


The use of video in your blog or website is a powerful method to advertise. If you haven’t tapped on the potential of this, you are genuinely missing out on big time. Video quickly drives the message home. It gives a better understanding and also provides confidence in trying the services or products.

It also creates a great user experience, which is excellent for SEO. Most people would fairly watch a one-minute video other than reading lengthy content. As per Cisco projection, online video is likely to drive an 80% traffic by 2021.

14. Link with influencers in your niche

Your content will probably get shared when you link to influencer content. However, you have to check those who are within your industry. Influencers are known to have a massive follower. Be bold and ask them to upvote your content within fellow influencers so you can drive more traffic.

15. Use press request alerts

Sending the press requests seeks sources of information from the journalists. You need to sign up first so you can start to receive the alerts. Invitations come to an inbox, and they get replied in due time. The quicker you respond, the high chances you get to be featured. You can even use IFTTT to receive the alert via SMS, which can earn you a high-value link.

In conclusion, we do hope you will use our insightful tips to increase traffic on your site. If you feel inexperienced to try applying them yourself, it is safer to use affordable SEO services. Let the specialists do what they know best while you follow up on the process.

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