10 Smart Tactics to Create High-Quality Backlink and Boost Website Traffic

How much do you know about backlinks?

Is it known to you that it is one of the most powerful and oldest SEO strategies?

Backlinks help to generate more organic search traffic. But getting in-depth of this article, it is vital that you must know what backlinks are?

Backlinks are the links of one website to another website, as one of the fundamental factors in getting organic traffic. Considerably, your primary focus should be on building the backlinks from the authoritative domains. It is the best practice to gain a reputation in search engines. Most SEO services providers around the world focus on creating high quality backlinks. 

If we take a look a glance at the recent related statistics, then is found that:

  • The number one ranking page in the search engines receives 5% to 14.5% of extra dofollow backlinks from the new website every month. 
  • Also, those companies that emphasize more on blogging get 97% more backlinks to their website. 
  • The percentage of the websites that do not have a single backlink is 55.24
  • Almost 91% of the websites do not experience organic traffic from the search engines because they do not prefer building backlinks.
  • With more backlinks, the website can get more organic traffic from Google. 
  • From the results of page one on Google, the approximate ratio of backlinks for linking the domains is 37:1. It simply implies that the website which is linked to page one content has the linking to 37 various pages on their websites. 
  • It is estimated that the ninth and tenth positions on the search engines even integrate almost 30,000 backlinks.


The above graph depicts a continuous increase in the number of backlinks that the webpage includes.

Best Ways to Create Backlinks

Guest Posts

Guest post is the manner of providing the free content to other websites to get the link back to your website. It is advised to send only the related, high-quality guest posts so that there would be no chance of any rejection from the webmasters.  

This strategy is now known to each editor and the website owner, and most of them do it on a regular basis to get a higher position in search engines. All you have to know the basic requirements and show some efforts to get success in guest posting. 

After the acceptance of your strategy from the editor or webmaster, you can start sending them valuable content.

Link Reclamation

It is one of the easy and simple link building tricks which is easily accessible to every website. What you have to do is to reclaim the backlink to the website that existed before. And, it is now either removed or broken.

Several tools such as Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer are there that could be used to discover some unlinked mentions on the web. Some particular search operators can also be used to know the mentioned in your business. 

You can examine if the page is liable to provide the link to your website or not. Now, you can connect to the publisher and ask for the backlink.

Public Relations

You can consider it as one of the traditional marketing tactics, but you cannot underestimate the wonders it can do. The best way to execute it to get cited in some online content or in news articles as the source. 

You do not need to take any assistance from a third party. Just sign up for HARO (Help A Reporter). From here, you can permit the journalists to send the calls for the sources in their regular newsletter. 

Considering the standard Press releases can also be seamless and fruitful. While writing any press release, include only the links that have some sense and mention the anchor text to make it appear more natural. 

Broken link building

This tactic uses broken backlinks from the pages all around the world. But, it is also important that if you need an abundance of the broken links, then you have to do some research with the Ahref and SEMrush.

Broker links are the major reason for killing the user experience. It destroys the online experience when the users try to get in more depth. They have to face the “04: Page Not Found”. 

From the broken link building, you can fix this. It is the best way to generate valuable links.

This tactic lets you discover the broken link on a different website. It finds the originally referred content and then lets the website change the broken link with the strong link to the related content. 


This is one of the kinds of guest posting from the infographics.  It takes the evergreen and the trending topic and converts it into the infographic.  Despite sending the guest posts related to the topic, you need to send the infographic of higher quality that backlinks to the website. 

Ahrefs Content Explorer and Buzzsumo tools are used to discover the latest content in the growing industry. Do not forget- Valuable content, added value, and targeted outreach are the only way to build the backlinks.

Skyscraper Content

It is the method of knowing the content in that space, which is remarkable already. And then, make it more awesome.

But, check out the content that you are considering for skyscraping and answer the below questions:

  • What are the questions that are left unanswered?
  • What is more complicated to grasp?
  • Which type of audience is not getting served?

Also, if you perceive some competitors, then start skyscraping with Ahref’s Site Explorer to know what are the related services that are doing fine. 

After classifying the pages, skyscrapers generate the content more impressive than the original. Move back to the Ahrefs and find out the related domains for the best content. 

Analyze the Competitors’ Backlink 

This tactic lets you analyze the competitor backlinks by examining the websites of related industry.  Particularly, those websites that have the same audience as you.  

While researching, you need to check your competitors’ website, the overall authority and their backlinks. After examining the competitors’ backlinks,  you can examine what let them to rank higher, and the strategies that are followed to get the backlinks.

All you need to :

  • Create a listing of your competitors
  • Observe the number of backlinks for every competitor
  • Acknowledge the authorization of linking websites
  • Discover the websites and pages of getting more traffic
  • Secure websites with excellent backlink opportunities.

Influencer Link Building

It is particularly one of the effective strategies as it links you with the existing customers of the same mindset. You can locate the influencers which have the website from the Upfluence and Intellifluence. 

Globally, there are almost millions of influencers. After knowing the influencers of your niche, connect to them, and identify the possible opportunities for promotion.  

Leverage the Round-up Posts

The round-up posts the integrations of the tips or articles on some particular topic. Usually, the bloggers make it every time; also, you can use them to get the backlink of high quality to your website. You can get the backlinks using the round-up posts by:

  • Sending an email to the editor
  • Praising them on their contents
  • Also, tell them that you have a content center of your own, and the readers can take assistance from there.  
  • Share the link. If they find the link suitable, they will include it. 

Create a Promotional Database

This is also on the list of creating the backlink for your website. Create the database of the relationships and the partnerships you have secured for the content opportunities.

After generating new content, you can approach them and ask them to promote it and get connected with it. This strategy can also work as instantaneous traffic boosted for your content, particularly when you are merging with some of them.

Make Linkable Assets

The linkable assets are the valuable content that the users like to link to and reference to. The content can either be the infographics, videos, original data, or the blog post. 

After generating the linkable asset, you can get more chances of getting backlinks without even requesting. Creating this type of content is easier; use the below points to get started:

  • Integrate the original data
  • Extend the content length 
  • Assure that the page is providing the best user experience on all devices and all browsers
  • Provide a different angle
  • Include emotional responses such as anticipation, surprise, or joy.

Concluding Remarks

Considering backlinks as just the trends that the businesses use to make their online presence is not going to work for you. It is just a short time process. Though, addressing it as the regular process of transforming your business is certainly a win-win situation.

Above, we have mentioned the ten ways of building the backlinks for your website. Implement them and let the magic work!!

The only advice here is to center your attention on building the links from the authorized website only!!

We hope this information can help you generate the results. In case of any query and suggestion,  leave us a comment in the comment section below. Do share your views with us!! 

Thanks for reading!!

About the author: Morris Edwards is a Manager at Awebstar, a web design and development company in Singapore which is dealing with digital marketing, SEO, mobile app development, logo designing, social media marketing and more. Connect with me at Awebstar.com.sg. or Facebook.