How Can UX Improve Digital Marketing?

The modern digital world has many tricks and approaches to how to interest the user. And user experience (UX) is no exception. Many companies use UX to gain a competitive advantage for their product.

UX is undoubtedly vital to the digital world, as customers always require immediate delivery of their needs. Thus, it makes the business strive for user experience.

But let’s look at the value of UX in digital marketing.

UX is an important thing to increase ROI and brand awareness

UX is a crucial step that can help increase your conversion rate. In most cases, improving the UX performance of the site leads to improved conversion rates and increased ROI.

Another equally outstanding aspect is increasing brand awareness. As we know, most users prefer certain brands only because they can easily access the products on their sites. Thus, having the right “UX interface” can help you improve your brand.

The Link Between Empathy + UX + Digital Marketing

Empathy is always a great way for a brand to properly create an emotional connection in digital marketing. In UX, empathy makes it possible to recognize the emotions that users experience. Thus, the empathy link between UX + Digital Marketing helps you understand how to overcome the issues and create better products.

UX and smartphones

Today, mobile devices have occupied most of our time, and the desktop computer is becoming a secondary point of contact for a growing number of users.

Mobile gadgets are so “accustomed” to modern users that they can even refuse services if the website is not working correctly on their device. Thus, for business owners, it can mean a severe loss of conversions.

Although mobile communications are the dominant force in the modern world, this does not mean that desktop computers are no longer needed. Most e-commerce transactions are still carried out on the PC, and therefore a balanced multi-platform strategy is vital for the buyer.

Different research approaches

The main idea of UX is to put the needs of the audience first and stand out among competitors. You need to focus on identifying people’s needs. The methodologies and approaches that you use should be of high quality so that you can formulate the problem.

UX Optimization and Conversions

For both UX specialists and Digital Marketer, the main goal of increasing a product’s ROI is to identify obstacles. Whenever a digital marketer finds obstacles, UX designers can optimize them and ensure that everything works well. Thus, this is a great way to increase ROI.

Attract new users

Marketers need to understand who their clients are and what they want exactly. It’s where UX researchers lend a helping hand. Thanks to user research methods, marketing can easily attract real users to concentrate on their inspiration and requirements. Using UX and marketing together, you can create the most powerful marketing campaigns and attract real users who can become your customers. 

Great Conversions

Marketers are wizards who can easily convince a person to become a customer, as well as ensure them with the correct offers about what they want. UX, in turn, convinces them and provides the page layouts and uses the essential elements on the page. Accurately selected and created design proposals can train and convince visitors to take the necessary action.

User engagement

Today, consumer behavior is significantly different due to modern multimedia, innovations, and other new technologies that allow users to be more informed and demanding. UX solves these issues and helps marketers sell the product better, based on user requirements. Satisfying the trends of the new generation is essential to improve growth and increase brand loyalty.


The design of your site significantly affects the users’ perception. Poor design and user experience can dramatically worsen the relationship between the company and its clients. A well-designed UX enhances customer satisfaction and brand perception, as well as increasing brand loyalty.

Today, one of the main goals of any brand is to have its advocates, which help to maintain the brand not only through social channels but also in real life. In this way, avid fans of your brand can help increase your brand’s overall consumer value.

The right marketing messages

One of the main goals of marketers is to explain to customers why they need a product. This can be achieved through specific steps:

The right target audience. It’s essential to make sure that the right person sees your message.

Your proposal should be short and attractive. It also depends on some factors the UX:

  • How do you post content and how pages are visually displayed
  • How do you optimize elements on pages
  • Clear site navigation.

If your UX is understandable to the user, you will successfully send your message.

Product Promotion

Regardless of marketing or user experience, both are strived for promoting the product and maximizing sales. That is why designers should work together with a digital marketing team to create quality product promotion and stimulate sales.

UX goes beyond interfaces

UX is not only about creating user-friendly interfaces. UX Design Services is, first and foremost, an understanding of the users’ requirements, as well as providing appropriate opportunities for building the right relationship with them. That’s why non-quality UX results in fewer conversions.

As you can see, a collaboration between designers and marketers is a vital parameter to achieve the desired results. UX creates value for the buyer; marketing increases conversions and attracts the attention of users. UX helps expand opportunities for increasing traffic and profitability of business investments. Thus, both directions are a lifeline for each other.

In other words, UX supports digital marketing strategies, and digital marketing offers a variety of analytic materials about real users.

About the author: Marie Barnes is a Marketing Communication Manager at LinksManagement. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.