20 White Hat SEO Techniques To Rank On Google For Ecommerce Website

In a world with a massive influence on the Internet, there are different online platforms that provide information, services, and forms of entertainment for a lot of people. And today, it is used as an avenue to socialize and have a more convenient way of communicating with people across the globe. The immense impact of technology also paved the way for the rise of different websites, including e-commerce sites. It has become one of the online trends and influences for those who seek services online. 

The virtual world has a lot to offer. You can learn so much stuff in it. And through websites, plenty of information is provided. If you are planning to have your site, establishing an online presence is significant for people to know more about what you can offer. It is made possible in many ways, including the process of optimization. It will help your website to gain higher search visibility. 

And to give you some ideas, here are the techniques that you may use to have a higher rank in Google. Make this as your guide. 

1. Putting Keywords In Your Web Content

To give you a better ranking in Google, the use of keywords for your articles has a hugely significant impact. The keywords must be highly relevant to the theme or topic of your e-commerce site. It will be used when people seek information in a search engine by making your website appear at the top.

2. Make More Web Articles

You have to be creative. Making content for your e-commerce site is a plus. You can introduce your website, brand, and all relevant information that can make your online audience know more about it. Publish articles daily as much as possible to keep them posted. It’s an excellent tool for achieving higher engagements and for the process of optimization as well.

3. Catchy Titles To Spark Interest

Since you want your e-commerce site to have a well-established online presence, make sure to catch the attention of your target online audience. For example, your website is all about cosmetics, then post more about the latest make-up trends today. Do what most people have in mind. Also, know the interests of your online audience to cater to their needs effectively. Having catchy titles is one of the things that you can do. You may hire remote SEO specialist to help you. 

4. Do Some Blogging

As you are making web content, you can also do some blogging. It’s also the same as creating articles or write-ups. Blogging is all about writing too. There are some platforms where you can do blogging apart from your e-commerce site. So, you may venture on that also.

5. Be Factual At All Times

Use verified information only. Be consistent in writing your web content. Don’t lean onto false information. If you are in doubt, consult or hire an SEO expert to help you with writing. Being factual will help your e-commerce site to establish credibility as well. 

6. Put Sub-Sections Or Headers In Your Content

If your web content is too long, don’t mind putting headers or sub-sections to make it more concise and organized as well. Refrain from posting lengthy articles as your online users might get bored. As a tip: get straight to the point and don’t be too typical. If you may, make it conversational yet credible enough to be a source of information. It’s a great technique to use.

7. Include Audio-Visual Content

Apart from having articles, you may also want to put images or videos in your e-commerce site to make it more wholesome. It appeals as well for your readers. Make sure you have the best quality for both images and videos. These are all relevant to your products or services at all times.

8. Importance Of Putting Captions

In terms of the image optimization process, it’s much better to put captions. Captioning refers to the short statement over a specific picture. It is a way to inform more your online audience of the photos you opt to post online. Also, it makes it more organized as well. 

9. Be Engaging

Engagement can influence your website to have higher search visibility. It may be in several ways, including when you opt to respond in the queries or comments of your online users and so on. The engagements are a way of communication between your website and your online audience. So, it’s a significant technique to use.

10. Include Outbound Links

There are different links that you may opt to use for achieving a higher ranking. The outbound links are one of the many that you can use as it aims to lead Internet users towards your e-commerce site. It’s within the web content.

11. Avoid Broken Links 

As soon as you decide to put links in your e-commerce site, make sure it’s working. Avoid broken ones. It might cause trouble and inconvenience for your online audience. Resolve it as much as possible.

12. Speed Is Necessary 

A higher search ranking is well-influenced by the speedy performance of a website. Make sure all your website features are working and it does not take much time. 

13. Use Other Links

There are tons of links that you can incorporate in your website content. The links will help your site to reach a wider audience and profitable online audience. So, use links as much as possible.

14. Answers All FAQ’s

Since engagements are significant for an e-commerce site to thrive, having a pool of answers for the FAQ’s is a plus. You can also use it for your online audience to access your website much better. Higher search visibility may also be a result. You can hire a home based SEO consultant to help you.

15. Avoid Having Small-Sized Fonts

Don’t use small fonts since it will affect the experience of your users online. Make sure it has the average size. You can opt to observe other e-commerce sites as well to see the difference.

16. Plain And Minimalist Website Formatting

Web designing is also an influence on your search ranking as an e-commerce site. It falls under the user experience as to how well does your website performs. The minimalist style makes it seem much more organized as well. 

17. Mobile Optimization

Your e-commerce site should work well in a mobile type. Apart from the desktop view, make use of some mobile features since there are tons of Internet users that have mobile phones in accessing the virtual world. So, it’s a great advantage.

18. Interviews As A Web Content

Apart from the articles, videos, and images, opt to use interviews as web content. Link it to your e-commerce site. If you have been invited to talk about your products and services, make use of the exposure and put it inside your website. 

19. Use Social Media Sites

To have a broad reach of impact and online audience, social networking sites are one of the online mainstreams that will help you. Use it to establish your online presence more.

20. Infographics For Digital Marketing

Infographics are photos with promotional statements within that aim to market a particular brand. It best suits e-commerce sites like these are established online. You can search for online marketing experts for hire to seek for help and guidance.

Final Word

It’s an excellent guide for you to have. Make sure to follow all the ideas or inputs within to guide you in establishing an e-commerce site.

About the author: Cyrel Nicolas has been passionate in online marketing and been an SEO Specialist in the Philippines for almost 10 years. He is the owner of CyrelNicolas.com and helped hundreds of businesses across the globe to increase online brand awareness and organic traffic using effective white-labelled strategies.