Vlogs and Video Marketing: How Can It Potentially Help Your Business Reach

In this day and age, gaining an audience is not just about posting paper bills in places with the most foot traffic. In fact, no matter how many posters you have up, without creating engaging content that will stir a buzz, you won’t get the leads that you were hoping for. 

With the wide range of entertaining material available on the internet, the competition just got real. Given that there are a lot of interesting posts to scroll through, you are left with less than 3 seconds to catch a person’s attention. If not, potential customers simply go through your online advertisement without even taking a second glance. If your goal is to turn views into leads and leads into customers, then it’s about time that you consider market innovation as important as product innovation. 

What makes a good promotional strategy?

It’s not enough to create a product that sells. To ensure that your advertisement has a great return on investment, you must find a way to make your product stick until a lead turns into a sale. ADS are necessary to gain an audience. 


It is important to make sure that your advertisement appeals to different kinds of audiences. Unlike the traditional methods of advertising, a prettied-up product is not enough to translate views into purchases. This is where we have to draw the line between beauty and appeal. In promoting a product, the former creates an impression, while the latter stirs interest. Strive for the latter. An exciting advertisement will satisfy a viewer, but an interesting advertisement will encourage them to seek more information about a product. This is when a viewer becomes a lead. 


Appeal is just one part of the recipe. To create a best-selling idea, you have to look for an advertisement that could drive sales. Drive is about knowing how to properly balance the elements of appeal and functionality. You have to create a promotional idea that not only piques an audience’s interest but also markets products in a way that convinces an audience of their need to obtain your product. Driving sales is the main point of promoting products, after all. In ensuring your advertisement’s ability to drive sales, it is best to be in touch with your consumer’s experience. Identify a “relatable” problem and present your product as a solution.


With the current global setting, almost everyone is virtually connected. As such, make your content appealing, sellable, and lastly, shareable. Not everyone who sees your product immediately becomes a lead; however, with the right advertisement, this person could be your bridge to a potential buyer. By having a shareable marketing strategy, your viewers will end up selling a product for you. Through group chats, online posts, and even word of mouth, a shareable advertisement can spread like wildfire. With the shares and the two other ingredients combined, your advertisement can become the next big thing. 

What is the best way to incorporate all these elements into a single promotional strategy?

If you truly want to create that advertisement that can quickly turn into the talk of the digital community, video marketing and vlogs may be your best bet. These marketing strategies are ripe for the current era. In statistics published on Hubspot, a staggering amount of 500 million people watch videos every day on Facebook. Additionally, 10 billion people watch videos on Snapchat on a day-to-day basis. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of video content strategies right away! With great video marketing and vlogs, you get the following benefits: 

1. It conveniently allows you to send out a message. 

Every video portrays a certain story, and this story is what sells your product to a consumer. Looking at how videos work, portraying a story becomes a whole lot easier. Unlike online publication materials, there’s no longer a need to fit a message into a limited number of slides. Videos are very convenient in the sense that it can accommodate any message that may be hard to portray in writing. Not only that, for most people, videos are the easiest kind of content to consume. Although videos may take a little more time to watch, people are more likely more willing to spend some time listening to a video than reading a long piece of writing. 

2. It is easy to do. 

Creating appealing video content does not necessarily have to be professionally made. With a great idea, you can create a video with a lasting impression. The technical aspects do not matter so much here. As seen, a lot of well-known videos of the current time are not necessarily made by production teams. A lot of home videos made its rise to popularity without even having the right camera angles and perfect lighting.

3. It doesn’t break the bank.

Creating videos and uploading videos don’t necessarily need to cost you a lot. Given that there’s no actual need to hire professionals, your pre-existing equipment and a small group of friends are enough to make video content that will appeal to a lot of people. All you need is a camera, a person with steady hands, a great storyboard, and you’re good to go. 

4. It helps you reach a wider audience. 

Almost everyone is on the internet these days, and this is greatly beneficial for your video marketing strategy. With any engagement, may it be through likes, shares, or even comments, you can get your video to pop-up on many newsfeeds. When people start viewing their video, their friends start viewing it too, and their friend’s friends, as well. This sends off a shockwave of views, boosting your overall brand popularity and visibility. 

The Takeaway

Now that you know the potential of videos and vlogs as a new marketing strategy, it’s about time you applied it to your business. Although it may be intimidating to switch to a new advertising method, know that this change is necessary to keep your business relevant. It is important to acknowledge that there are now drastic changes when it comes to businesses. It’s no longer enough to just create usable and high-quality products. To keep your business competitive, you have to adapt to the changes that modernization and technology bring to advertising. What are you waiting for? Go up to the storyboard and start writing your video idea today!

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