Should you still have a business card in 2020?

Having a business card may seem to be an old school concept but that doesn’t mean that companies don’t use them today. Even for self-employed individuals, having a business card also helps them in acquiring more customers. The idea of summarizing your work or profession into a handful of words might appear as a challenge but if it is executed in the right way it can be used as an asset. A business card can assist you regardless of your job title. 

Despite the advancement in technology and the advent of the digital age, business cards are still used by organizations as a marketing medium alongside other platforms such as social media and internet marketing. Running parallel to these advanced tools, business cards manage to adapt to more innovative styles to stay relevant and to appear like an advanced form of marketing. There are multiple options available for customization of business cards according to your liking and preference.

It is not necessary to create an over the top design for your business cards. Sometimes keeping it simple and sticking to your brand can go a long way. Your business card should reflect your vision and brand identity while maintaining professionalism. It shows the dedication and reliability of the company that is willing to attach its information to this card. This makes the recipient of the card feel secure and creates a sense of trustworthiness between them and the organization. Hence, this strengthens the foundation of any future encounter or potential relationship with the business. 

Here are some reasons why it plays a vital role in your professional journey:

  • Convenience

Business cards are low maintenance and easy to manage due to their size. It is convenient to distribute them, attach them on various notice boards or have them on display in a populous area for maximum exposure such as a supermarket counter.

They can fit in any small spaces such as your pockets or your wallet so you can have them with you at all times. This way you can easily hand over your business card when you encounter a potential customer.

The overall look and design of your card can speak volumes about your profession or your company. Your card links back to your company so it is a representation of your products or services.

  • Feedback 

Creating a medium of communication after having a professional discussion about your work with someone is extremely important. Because a company requires feedback from its customers to analyze its performance. By distributing business cards the customers have a medium to get back to you with their valuable feedback about your products or services. Having your contact information with you at all times can be less time consuming and convenient, since a pen or paper may not always be available. You can just give out your card and this establishes a path for communication and follow-ups. 

  • Make it Personal

Giving out your business cards comes with a lot of nonverbal communication that can have an impact on the receiver’s perception of you and your work. One type of nonverbal communication that goes along with this exchange is a handshake. Good verbal communication during the exchange can create a strong connection between the two parties and information is shared in a welcoming and friendly space which creates a positive impact on the client. This contributes to establishing a strong relationship.

  • Establishing Your Brand

Business cards help to expose your company name to potential clients which leads to more recognition. This can help establish your name in the market. As your card may contain your brand name or logo and even your mission statement. This way the ideology of your work will be more identifiable by the target population. You can reach a wider range of potential customers and this might even assist you in establishing a loyal customer base. However, it is important to effectively communicate your brand objectives through the design of your business card.

  • Legitimacy

It is important to appear as a brand that can be trusted by the clients. It is common for people to be more judgmental about a business if it does not have a concrete reputation or an established name in the market. Having a visually pleasing business card can assist in eliminating some of the judgment as you appear more legit and trustworthy to the recipients.

  • Functionality 

As business cards are one of the most widely used marketing strategies, there is an expectation for all the established businesses to possess one. It is a direct method of distributing relevant contact information to potential customers. Hence, you can advertise your business to your target market easily now.

  • Reaching People Who Do Not Own Smartphones

While a significantly large portion of the population possessing smartphones there is still a small portion of people who do not own such a device due to various reasons be it affordability or personal preference. This means that businesses need to adopt a more traditional approach to give out their contact information to the untapped population. This is where business cards come in to use. The receiver may directly contact you for your service or recommend you to someone else who needs it.

  • Cost-Effective

Business cards are small in size so the overall cost of printing is much less than posters, fliers or even billboard advertisements. Additionally, if they are printed in bulk your business can benefit from economies of scale so the average marketing cost will reduce significantly and you can invest the saved finance into core operations of your company such as purchasing state of the art machinery to improve the quality of your products.

This means you are effectively marketing your brand as well as saving yourself from the heavy costs of different marketing tools like media or radio.

  • Setting Yourself Apart

Business cards leave a lasting and positive effect on your client due to the personalization and face to face communication that comes with the exchange. You can make your business according to your preference so that it reflects your brand identity and conveys the message of your business making it unique, memorable and identifiable.


Business cards portray professionalism, trustworthiness, and honesty. As they are personal it makes the client feel important, involved and secure which helps in building a good relationship. They are a convenient and easy way of distributing information about your brand to potential customers.

With proper planning and personalization, a business card can act as your sole marketing tool with an effective and long-lasting result. With so many benefits attached to having a business card, you need to have one for your company.

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