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Weather you are an established law firm or a standalone lawyer a professional website will help you get your next client. When practicing law trust is everything. 

When planning your law firms website its important that your website coveys 3 main points to your clients.


To demonstrate trust your website  should show several recent testimonies of success you’ve had recemently. Client testimonials are a great way to show visitors and prospects  you are a trustworthy law firm.

Experience can be showing by writing the number of cases you have worked on, how many years you have been in business or how many cases you have won. Your website’s about page is a excellent place to put this information. This will allow online visitors to get to know your firm better.

Finally, and most importantly your website must show authority. It must be made clear to your website visitors that your law firm and your team of lawyers is the best choice to handle their case. Authority can be estables by licking to your law firm’s accolades and awards as well as clearly showing the credentials of your law team.

Over all your lawyer website design should make a positive impact on the visitors. It must give them all the information they need to know your law firm is the best choice.

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