How To Make a WordPress Blog with BlueHost

If you intend to make a blog with no clue how to go about it, we’ve got your back. We will show you some easy ways to inaugurate it using WordPress, which is the number one site where blogging originated. In the beginning, WordPress developer-built WordPress to specifically benefit bloggers.

After being a blogging software, the developers saw the need to extend a myriad of functionalities that it has today, which has made it the best content management system. That makes it an excellent and yet powerful tool to use when building a blog, and you will also love the choice of freedom it has to offer.

First of all, you will need to have an incisive knowledge of your niche to start a blog. We will tackle the below outlines:

  • Basic setup
  • WordPress installation
  • Designing
  • Post Content
  • Publish
  • Customization to Promote your Blog

Make the Best Blog of 2020 Using WordPress

Follow a few steps below:

Basic Setup

First, decide whether you will hire a WordPress developer or set it up yourself. You will need to pick the right self-hosted platform. We are using WordPress because it is the best to make 2020 blogs, and convenient too. That’s why a substantial number of bloggers use WordPress.

Next step, you’ll find a domain name that visitors will use to find and get to your website. It should read something like;

Then, you will need to have a web host where your files will be stored. The best and most recommended by WordPress developer is Bluehost.

Why Bluehost? 

  • It provides a free domain name and a fair cost for hosting.
  • They have been there for a long time, from 2005 and hosts over a million other websites.

WordPress Installation (on Bluehost)

If you already got a Bluehost, you will find the WordPress installation easy with a few clicks. Else we will show you some quick steps to get you started.

Step 1. Bluehost will show a wizard installation that will ask you to put the title of your website.

Step 2. Click next; it will take you where you are to put a domain name that has been provided by Bluehost, or you have chosen for yourself. The installer will also suggest the right plugins to add to your website and proceed to the quick installation.

Step 3. You will receive a message that reads a successful installation. Click on WordPress login, and enter in your admin’s areas section where you can change the way you want your blog to look.

N/B: If you might be using other hosts, check if they have an integrated one-click installation of WordPress.


When you log in to your WordPress admin area, you will find a dashboard with an outline of the things you can use to make changes of how you want your website to look, such as theme, colors, header image, widgets and more. You can click on any word that you need to effect the change you want.

Theme: There are pretty good Themes already installed in your WordPress. As a beginner, you can use one of these unless you have something else better. To use the theme and design, you will go and click the “Theme>Activate.” That’s all it takes to give your blog a new layout.

However, if you like none of the installed themes, another way that you can get more options is by clicking Appearance>Theme, and from the left-hand side, you will “Add New Theme. “You will then start immediately to browse from a thousand options of free themes available. After getting satisfied, you can pick one that is more appealing to your eyes and most appropriate for your blog. Click on “Install,” followed by the “Activate” button to finish up the process.

 Post Content

Up to this step, you must be ecstatic from what you have managed to achieve, from WordPress setup, installation, and theme design. Now you can’t wait to start blogging. From your dashboard, you will find “Posts,” then click “Add New.” Just below it, you will find the title. Enter it and start writing.

Just before you publish, you can choose to attach pictures to your blog. Again, on your dashboard, you will find “Add Image.” Click on it to upload all the photos or images you want from your computer. On the next screen, you will find an option of picture adjustment to fit your blog appropriately. Afterward, you can now” Insert into a post,” and you will have successfully added your image.


Now you must be ready to publish your blog. From your new WordPress dashboard, you will click on the host that you chose. If it is Bluehost, click on it; next, you will find a blue button with writings “Launch your site.” Once you click on it, your blog will get published to the public.

Customize to Promote your Blog

After you have successfully set up a blog using WordPress, and launched it, then what’s next? Your blog needs to give you money, so you will have to do some customization for it to fetch some decent cash for you. One of the quick ways to promote your blog is by sharing your blog link to your Facebook page and Twitter. There, you are likely to have more followers and visitors.

Another way you can make money out of your blog is by reviewing the company’s products. After you have gathered high traffic, you can use Google AdSense. They fetch advertisers on your behalf to run their ads. It’s an easy and straightforward way to increase your income.

Adding plugins: Adding them in your blog, helps to optimize it with different functions provided by specific plugins. By using Jetpack, one of the built-in WordPress plugins on your blog, it consolidates many exciting features into one. Nevertheless, it is user-friendly. This tool gives you the versatility to design and customize, add images in your sidebar widget, create contact forms, put posts to your Facebook, and enhances your website visibility.

Other Jetpack features you will appreciate include; email subscriptions, automatic posting for social media, analytics, and statistics. It also shows the number of visitors received. It enhances security and site performance. Now you can understand why most bloggers have been using this magnificent tool.

In conclusion, if you are a writer and you want to enrich your life through writing, you can start and make the best 2020 WordPress blog by following the quick, easy steps that we have covered in this article. Nevertheless, you can hire a WordPress developer to set up one for you.

About the author:
Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at, He is an Award-Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business.

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